You can always see the Magic on a Wu Pi dog.

Everything you need on Show Day and every day in between

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I've been using Wu Pi since 1982 when I saw Champion Darnette, a miniature poodle, win best in show at the Jack Onofrio Dog Show.  I haven't found anything that works as well as Wu Pi does.

Mary | Stafford, ID

Wu Pi is by far the best product for my yorkies.  I always had trouble keeping the mats out between shows and finding groomers who could do the same.  Wu Pi makes it so easy, now my dogs look great on Show Day!  I couldn't be happier!

Denise | Johansen, CA

I heard about Wu Pi a long time ago, but I never knew I could use it on my Afghans.  It has been so much easier to keep up with their coats ever since I switched last year!

James | Redding, FL