Directions For Use

Each breed is different and Wu Pi Magic works differently on each type of coat. These directions are what we suggest, but you may want to vary your dilution ratios for the results Wu Pi Magic is capable of achieving.


Wu Pi Magic Show Coat Conditioner & Tangle Magic:

If Product has separated or solidified, place bottle of product in warm water long enough to reconstitute the product. Shake well and mix as below with warm water.

For Regular Use:

Shake concentrated product well before mixing. Mix one (1) ounce Wu Pi Conditioner to sixteen (16) ounces of warm water. Bathe your dog in Avocado Shampoo, following directions for the shampoo concentrate. After final rinse of shampoo, towel blot excess water from the dog. Take the concentrated mix of conditioner and saturate the dog's coat and skin. Leave Wu Pi Conditioner mix to remain in the dog's coat for 15 minutes. Brush and dry the coat. Use weekly for best results. For coat maintenance and between baths, use the same solution in a spray bottle. Brush and allow coat to dry.


For Bad Mats or Tangles:

Mix equal parts of Wu Pi Conditioner to sixteen (16) ounces warm water. Apply Wu Pi Mixture to dog and leave in coat for 30 to 60 minutes. Brush and work out the snarls. For dogs so matted they need to be cut down, slice mats and saturate them with above solution. Leave in coat for 15 to 30 minutes. Brush and work out remaining mats.

For Fly-Away Hair:

Mix ½ to 1 teaspoon WuPi Conditioner to 16 oz warm water and place in spray bottle. Use as a spritzer.

For Face Coat and Furnishings:

Use Wu Pi Conditioner full strength daily.


Avocado Shampoo:

Shake well before using. Mix 1 part Concentrate to 4 parts warm water. Shampoo and rinse dog. Use Wu Pi Magic Show Coat Conditioner after shampooing. 

Wu Pi Magic - Washing dog