Wu Pi Magic's History

Wu Pi Magic Products - Vintage VanIn 1966, Elayne Brown was showing Poodles, ShiTzus, and Yorkies and she couldn’t seem to find a product that would help with the dogs show coats. She knew they needed something special to make their coats award winning for every show, and yet allow the dogs some freedom between events. Elayne decided she would make her own. From the beginning Elayne wanted her products to be made from all natural ingredients, safe for use on dogs and puppies. With a little input from her local groomer, she created an unbelievable product, Wu Pi Magic Show Coat Conditioner and Tangle Magic using only edible oils. She knew she had something very special when her dogs began winning regularly. When other breeders and groomers started asking what she was using, Elayne decided to market her product and started on a wonderful journey that continues today. Elayne created and produced Wu Pi Magic Products in California for 27 years. In 1992, her son, Leslie Jacob took over the company and moved both Elayne and Wu Pi Magic Products to Florida where they are currently manufactured.

Wu Pi Magic - worldwide locationsSince taking over the company, Leslie Jacob produces Wu Pi Magic products using the same formulas Elayne created in 1966. The same product Elayne used for her dogs still helps produce a luxurious, full-bodied show coat today. Wu Pi Magic products are used worldwide with distributors in England, France, Italy, Australia, South America and Brazil to name a few.